Sunday, November 14, 2010

7A-7B (StraightForward): Present Perfect Continuous

When do we use this tense?

Present Perfect Continuous tense is used when we want to emphazie the duration of an action that has happened in the past and:

1) the action is still in progress w/ signal words of duration

2) the action has recenly finised w/o duration

3) the repeated action up to now


"Have you been feeling alright?" ---> You feel that person seems sick or unhealthy

"Have you been smoking?" ---> You smell the smoke on that person.

NOTE: Using this tense in a question shows you can see, smell, hear or feel the results of that action. It is possible to insult someone by using this tense incorrectly.

*Present Perfect Continuous is productive when you learn some of sentences as fixed phrases, it helps make different sentence.

Signal words: for, since, all day, the whole week, how long?

Limited number of verbs using with Present Perfect Continuous: work, waiting, living, studying, doing, getting, taking (progress/ enquiries/ plans), thinking, trying, expecting.

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